About us

Design&Sales of precision instrument, etc.
R&D for various production related technologies.
Development and Sales of various software.
R&D for information processing system.
Consulting services regarding manufacturing and sales.
Management consultation for manufacturing operations in the form of franchise.
Lease business for various equipment.
Marketing analysis
Education / Training business.
Promotion of NANTOKANARU Project.
Planning and implementation of international marketing strategy.
Marketing of following products-KOREIKURA software, Production management system, inventory control system, manufacturing know-how assisting system.
Promotion for franchise of manufacturing.
System designing
System building
CEO Iguchi Issei (the president of IGUCHI ISSEI CO.,LTD.)
Paid-in Capital60 million Japanese yen
EstablishmentFebruary 6, 2015
Head office4-10-1,Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0072 Japan
Main office2553-3, Tokorozawashinmachi, Tokorozawa-city, Saitama, 359-0006 Japan